Address: Druzstevni 338/16, 789 85, Mohelnice, Czech Republic

Contact: www.hella.com, www.hella.jobs.cz

Founding: 1992

Number of employees: 3700

In the Czech Republic, HELLA was founded in 1992. The first product to leave the factory was the headlight of SKODA Felicia. HELLA in the Czech Republic is not only a manufacturing plant, but also an independent R&D center, which was created in 1995, and Fixtures and Assembly Equipment department which projects, develops, and produces assembly lines for HELLA companies in the whole world. Testing lab and the shared services center for IT, CFS & CES were created in 2004. HELLA AUTOTECHNIK NOVA, s.r.o. has a branch in Lostice, where our second IT office is located, and also in Ostrava, where you can find a part of our R&D center. Currently, HELLA AUTOTECHNIK NOVA, s.r.o. is one of the biggest employers in the region. More than 3700 employees product and develop headlights and rear position lamp for customers like VW, Audi, BMW and more.