Czech Optical Cluster

Czech Optical Cluster was created with the aim to improve the conditions for optical industry development in the Czech Republic (with the emphasis on Olomouc region) through cooperation of companies, public sector and educational sector in the entire value chain in the field of optics, optomechatronics, photonics, optoelectronics and fine mechanics, including related production, technology and service development in supplier’s and customer’s domain in three areas:

1. industrial and consumer optics

2. military optics

3. lighting technology

The main activities are:
  1. Research, Development, Innovation
    cooperation R&D projects, international projects, technology development, building shared infrastructure, determining development strategy, transfer of know-how in trends and technology
  2. Human Resources Development, Qualification
    specialized events, seminars, attracting talents, trainee programs for students, scholarship program                                                 
  3. Marketing and public relations
    cluster’s propagation, creating regional and branch identity of Olomouc region as the center of optics
  4. Internationalization
    cooperation with European clusters, access to international events, joined international project
Statutory body – The Executive Board

Chairman of the Executive Board: RNDr. JIŘÍ NUC

Vice-chairman of the Executive Board: Mgr. PETR PŘIKRYL

Members of the Executive Board: Mgr. VLADIMÍR CHLUP, Mgr. MARTIN KUTÁČ, Prof. Mgr. JAROSLAV ŘEHÁČEK, Ph.D.

Download the COC Statute here (revision: 19.12.2018)