Ústav fyzikální chemie J. Heyrovského AV ČR, v.v.i.

Address: Dolejškova 2155/3, 182 23 Praha 8

Contact: Ústav fyzikální chemie AV ČR

Number of employees: 262

Main activities

  • Research and development of nanomaterials and low-dimensional systems in the field of physical chemistry and solid-state physics with a focus on functional materials and optoelectronics
  • Dynamics of photoexcitation and photodissociation
  • High-resolution overtone spectroscopy
  • Post-irradiation chemistry

We offer a wide portfolio of technological knowledge in thin film technology (evaporation, sputtering, plasma processing) and lithography (classical photolithography and digital maskless lithography). We have a wide range of characterization tools (Raman and infrared spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), a range of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques, including atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), high-resolution transmission and scanning electron microscopy (HR-TEM and SEM), complex electrical characterization of materials. We have experience in the preparation of optoelectronic devices, for example, light sensors functional in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared range. 

Our research interests include carbon-based materials: graphite, graphene, nanotubes or nanodiamonds and related low-dimensional objects such as layered transition metal dichalcogenides, which we explore for a wide range of potential applications, from optoelectronics (light sensors) to energy storage (batteries), biomedical and other applications. Other areas of research are dynamics of photoexcitation and photodissociation, high-resolution overtone spectroscopy and post-irradiation chemistry