A workshop of the military pillar of the Czech Optical Cluster, entitled “Seeing and not being seen”, took place at the University of Defense in Brno. This interesting event was attended not only by representatives of the Army of the Czech Republic and companies operating in the field of military optics, but also the general professional public.  

Interesting lectures sparked a discussion on the possibility of establishing mutual scientific research cooperation and the development of key technologies for the military and optical systems, but also the provision of life cycle and system approach to optical systems. To define other possible topics, the participants were given the opportunity to express themselves by 15 November 2021.

We thank the University of Defense and its management for their support and provision of space and all the facilities needed to organize a workshop of the Czech Optical Cluster. Thanks also go to the guarantor of the Military Optics pillar Mgr. Vladimír Chlup and the technical guarantor of the pillar from the University of Defense doc. Teodor Baláž.