ZEBR s.r.o.

Address: Milovice č.p. 178, 691 88, Milovice, Czech Republic

Contact: www.zebr.cz

Founding: 1991

Number of employees: 130

ZEBR Company was founded by Mr. Frantisek Zelinka in 1991. Due to high competition in the field of blinds, the former tool works started to focus on the production of instruments in the field of shading technology. This activity led to presenting our own machine for processing the lamellas SA 25-03 in 1993. Over the time, the company split into two parts: pressing shop and machine plant. The pressing shop was focused on the production of cylindrical profiles, forms and plastic pressings. The machine plant was focused on the automatization of the whole production process. This aim was accomplished especially in the field of interior and exterior louvres, ZEBR is currently the world’s leader in this area. ZEBR machines form the basis of the production technology for a big part of the European and worldwide louvers producers. Knowledge from the field of precise mechanics, tools construction and production, precise adjusting, automatization, precise machining, form production and other related fields which together with innovative approach of the company lead to the extension of activities outside the field of shading technology.