Address: Olomoucka 91, 627 00 Brno


Founding: 1995

Number of employees: 50

Since its establishment in 1995, NETWORK GROUP operates as a distributor of structured and optical wiring system. In 2000, it expanded its activities into the area of printed circuit boards. Apart from its business and production activities, the company founded its research and technological department for projects, research and development of advanced optical fiber elements which are used especially in advanced industrial applications.

NETWORK GROUP company has its own R&D center specialized on projects, research and development in the area of optical sensors. Owing to a team of specialists, know-how and technological equipment, we offer the possibility of cooperation or service in the area of customer project and development of fiber and opto-mechanical compositions including project and production of processing equipment for optical sensors (hardware, management software).

The most important part of the technological department in NETWORK GROUP is the processing unit for the fabrication of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG), which are mainly used in sensing systems, but also in some other areas where the optical signal filtering is needed, for example in the field of telecommunication.

Main activities:

  • FBG sensors for temperature, strain, mechanical deformation, etc.
  • Interrogation units for fiber-optic sensors
  • Optical fixed and tunable filters
  • Passive and active wavelength references
  • Custom FBGs
  • Custom turnkey measurement systems
  • Structure health monitoring
  • Systems for strain and temperature measurement of containment for nuclear power plants
  • Temperature measurement in industrial silos
  • Measurement and monitoring of bridges
  • WIM – weight in motion systems


  • Femto second laser micromachining system:
    • Surface micro and nano structuring
    • Engraving
    • Micro drilling
    • Refractive index modification inside bulk of material
    • Dicing and cutting brittle materials
    • Micromachining of rotary symmetrical structures
  • Advance fiber glass processing:
    • Splicing of fibers with different diameters (125 µm up to 2 mm)
    • Splicing of PCF (Photonic-crystal fibers)
    • Tapering – up to 85 mm, symmetrical / asymmetrical
    • Endcaping
    • Splicing of GRIN lenses
  • Electronic production
    • PCB assembling
    • SMD + THT technology

Specialized equipment:

  • Femtosecond laser
  • Large diameter splicing system
  • Excimer UV laser for FBGs production
  • Hot-air stripper for acrylate primary coating
  • Acrylate recoater
  • Polyimide recoater
  • Calibration baths
  • LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramic) equipment
  • Active wavelength reference with stability 10-10