esc Aerospace s.r.o.

Address: Čs. armády 14, Praha 6

Contact:  +420 284 683 784

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ESC AEROSPACE offers a range of various on-board control systems for devices, vehicles, payloads, sensor boxes ranging from ionizing radiation hardened detectors to gas and chemical detectors. ESC AEROSPACE develops systems based on a revolutionary ASICs designed for a wide range of space and non-space radiation measurements payloads and devices, deployed as e.g. miniaturized radiation detectors with a capability of identifying radiation in early warning systems and radiation orbital monitors based on the SpacePix sensors. ESC AEROSPACE offers an expertise in ultrasonic and X-ray scanning systems, QKD and laser communication links.

ESC AEROSPACE is building a new satellite Communication Ground Station, near to Prague, to monitor own satellite payloads. ESC AEROSPACE prepares concepts of nano- and micro-satellites for EO monitoring and reconnaissance.

Space and Ground Segment

  • INSTITUTIONAL – Technology Transfer, Training
  • SPACE SYSTEM SOFTWARE – Advanced Software technologies
  • QUALITY, DEPENDABILITY AND SAFETY – System Dependability and Safety, Software quality, Product and quality assurance
  • ONBOARD DATA SYSTEMS – Payload data processing, On-board data management, Microelectronics for digital and analogue applications
  • RF SYSTEMS, PAYLOADS AND TECHNOLOGIES – Telecommunication systems/subsystems
  • SYSTEM DESIGN & VERIFICATION – Mission and system specification
  • OPTOELECTRONICS – Detector technologies
  • EEE (ELECTRIC, ELECTROMECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC) COMPONENTS AND QUALITY – Methods and processes for product assurance of EEE components, including radiation hardness assurance EEE component technologies
  • SPACE R&D – Data handling and Storage for space, Software & Physical models validation, Ground Systems
  • FLIGHT DYNAMICS AND GNSS – GNSS high-precision data processing
  • MECHANISMS – Control electronics technologies
  • SPACE R&D – Engineering Processes Specific Electronic Components
  • GROUND STATION SYSTEM AND NETWORKS – Ground station system, Ground communications networks

Space Applications / Downstream

  • AERONAUTICS – Alert and safety, Communications, Data transmission, Maps, plans, numerical model, Navigation assistance
  • DEFENCE – Improvement of research and information (UAV, spying), Information transmission, Mapping and visualisation (grounds and conflict areas), Shooting guidance systems and equipments
  • SPACE – Earth Observation, Positioning Systems, Satellites launch, Space exploration
  • SPACE R&D – Medical and health technologies, New Applications and Services (EO, Satcom and Nav), Scientific Payload Instrumentation
  • TELECOMMUNICATION AND BROADCASTING – Data Storage, Internetworking, Satellite operators and services, Security systems, Software development, Test equipment/professional instruments, Wireless networking