LaserTherm spol. s r.o

Address: Tyršova 932, 330 27 Vejprnice


Number of employees: 51

LaserTherm is a technology company that combines years of industry experience, the necessary know-how of R&D projects and the use of modern technology to bring innovation of production operations to various industries.

We are one of the leading companies engaged in the implementation of laser technologies and industrial automation in the field of metal materials processing in various industries.

We provide comprehensive services in processing of production orders on our own production machines.

We realize complete deliveries of production systems, machines and equipment with laser and conventional technologies.

We develop our own R&D software in the field of laser technology and industrial robotics.

Closed cycle


2010: Establishment of LaserTherm company, commencement of custom services

2012: The first on-site installed system for high-performance laser applications

2014: Launch of V&V software for the development of own process optics and “SEAM-TRACKING” systems

2016: LaserTherm is the largest provider of high-performance laser technology services in Central Europe

2018: Completion of the new central building in Vejprnice

2019: Launch of the new CNC machining and CNC Laser cladding division