After a long break caused by the coronavirus crisis, the Czech Optical Cluster organized the first workshop of this year in Olomouc on 24 June 2020.

The topic of the workshop, entitled “Pillars and the future of optics not only in the Czech Republic” were lectures and discussions on the future direction and perspectives of the field of optics notWorkshop Pilíře a budoucnost optiky only in the Czech Republic but also on a global scale.  The event was opened by a short welcome of participants by the chairman of the Czech Optical Cluster RNDr. Jiří Nuc. Then the vice-chairman Mgr. Petr Přikryl, who summarized the goals and benefits of the Czech Optical Cluster and introduced the students to the system of operation of the individual pillars of the cluster.

In the following program, leading experts presented not only the current state but especially the assumption of the future development in the field of optics in lectures, which are ensured by individual pillars of the Czech Optical Cluster.


Overview of lectures:

  • Objectives, benefits and pillars of the activities of the Czech Optical Cluster

Mgr. Petr Přikryl; Czech Optical Cluster, z.s.


  • Research, innovation and the future: INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER OPTICS

Ing. Jiří Vlk; Meopta – optika, s.r.o.


  •  Research, innovation and the future: MILITARY OPTICS

Mgr.Vladimír Chlup; Pramacom-HT, spol. s r.o.


  • Research, innovation and the future: LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY

Marek Halouzka; Hella Autotechnik Nova, s.r.o.


  • Research, innovation and the future: LASER TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS

Ing. Tomáš Mocek, Ph.D. Institute of Physics AS CR, v.v.i. – HiLASE laser center


  • Research, innovation and the future: ELECTRON MICROSCOPY

Ing. Ilona Müllerová, DrSc .; Institute of Instrumentation AS CR, v.v.i.

Workshop "Pillars and the future of optics not only in the Czech Republic" The official lecture was followed by a discussion of the topics presented, the current situation in the field and the assumptions of future developement. The workshop offered participants not only the opportunity to listen to gripping presentations from top experts in the field of optics, but there was also space for such an important part of each  event – meetings and mutual debates on professional topics and the possibility of a mutual meeting of representatives of universities, research institutes and commercial entities.


We thank everyone present for their participation and look forward to meeting you at another event organized by the Czech Optical Cluster.