University of Defence

Address: Kounicova 65, 662 10 Brno, Czech Republic


Founding: 2004

Number of emlpoyees: 690

The University of Defence is the only military institution of higher education of the Czech Armed Forces. Established as of 1 September 2004, it was formed by merging three existing institutions: Military Academy Brno, the Military University of the Ground Forces Vyškov and the Military Medical Academy Hradec Králové.

The university has three faculties, two institutes and three centers.

University of Defence represents the Army of the Czech Republic’s defence and security research and development centre. The fields of science fostered at the University of Defence primarily relate to defence applied research, to forces and population protection, or the economics or medicine fields applied to military. It is the only Czech institute where subjects such as weapons and ammunition, fighting vehicles, radars, population protection, fire support control, field surgery, radiobiology or toxicology are taught.