ZKW Automotive Engineering CZ s.r.o. 

Address: Okružní 1300/19, Nová Ulice, 779 00 Olomouc

Contact: www.zkw-group.com

Number of employees: 60

Main activities

  • All stages of the development of automotive exterior lighting from concept design, initial visualization, including the development of key technologies and to the introduction into production. 
  • All with respect to IATF, ISO and related Automotive standards. 

Main areas of research and development 

– New technologies for road illumination (Matrix lights, Adaptive Driving Beams, ..) 

– Projection of light elements in real time and with variable color and intensity 

– New technologies for light signaling with regard to attractive appearance and homogeneity 

– Lighting of autonomous vehicles 

– Projector modules 

– Light Control units