On April 19-20, 2023, the Czech-Austrian Photonics 2023 workshop was held in Velké Pavlovice, where representatives of the Czech Optical Cluster and Photonics Austria met. The goal of the workshop was to connect the Czech and Austrian optical communities and find common topics for future cooperation.

The manager of the Czech optical cluster, Petr Přikryl, evaluated the meeting: “The format of the March meeting in Ostrava on Czech-Polish photonics proved very useful for us, and the meeting in Velké Pavlovice between the Czech and Austrian optical communities showed that there are a number of common topics of cooperation. We take this meeting as the first kick-off to start more intensive Czech-Austrian cooperation in the field of optics. Thanks go to colleagues from Photonics Austria for active participation and inspiration, as well as colleagues from the National Cluster Association for support.”

Presentations from the workshop can be found here:

01 APPLIC                                   02_asphericon                                    04_Liss Czech

05_Telight                                   06_Hilase                              07_PalackyUniversityOlomouc

08_University of South Bohemia               09_UNOB                     10_ZKW Automotive Engineering

11_Fluence – Ilya Tkachuk                  12_Nimrod Nissim

01 ASA_Astrosysteme_GmbH                     2_IN-VISION              3_JOANNEUM RESEARCH ​

4_Indroduction_qtlabs                             5_V-Research

01_Czech optical cluster introduction                02_PhotonicsAustria            

03_NCA                                 04_ZEBR

1. AG Quantum technologies Photonics Austria                     2. OCIP_OpticalCluster

3. SLODICKA                           4_qtlabs                     5. presentazione_iris