On March 22-23, the Czech-Polish Photonics 2023 workshop was held in Ostrava, where representatives of the Czech Optical Cluster and the Polish Photonics Technology Platform met.

The goal was to connect the Czech and Polish optical communities, and the goal was successfully fulfilled.

Photos from the workshop can be found here: Photo gallery Czech – Polish Photonics

Presentations from the workshop can be found here:

Czech Optical Cluster úvodní prezentace

CZ 01 – APPLIC                                                                          CZ 06 – Asphericon

CZ 02 – Crytur                                                                            CZ 07 – Hella Autotechnic

CZ 03 – Lightigo                                                                        CZ 08 Telight

CZ 04 – UPOL                                                                            CZ 09 – ZKW Automotive Engineering

CZ 05 – EVPU Defence                                                            CZ 10 VŠB

PL_00 – Telesystem                                                                PL_4 – SYGNIS SYGLASS_01

PL 01 – Fluence – Ilya Tkachuk                                            PL 05 – SYGNIS SYGLASS_02

PL 02 – Łukasiewicz IMIF                                                      PL 06 – VIVO


The manager of the Czech optical cluster, Petr Přikryl, evaluated the workshop: “The building of the optical ecosystem that we strive for in the Czech Republic is based on cooperation not only within the Czech Republic, but our activities extend abroad. It is the development of cooperation with foreign optical clusters that can strengthen our scientific research and business activities. I am very glad that we had the opportunity to meet our Polish colleagues in person. Optics in both the Czech Republic and Poland is a strong hi-tech industry and there is an interesting potential for cooperation.”

Connecting optical communities will continue on April 19-20, 2023 in Velké Pavlovice, where the Czech-Austrian photonics workshop will be held.